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Reflecting on 225 Years of Faith: Mt. Tabor Baptist Church's Journey of Light and Community Impact

Dear Members of Mt. Tabor Baptist Church,

As we approach the 225th anniversary of our church, I have begun to reflect not only the amazing historical aspect of the church, but how God has been faithful in allowing the church to be used in our community.

During the early years of Barren County, much of the land was not developed. Many who began to settle here were determining boundaries, cutting trees to build log homes, and trying their best to establish farm ground. Also, churches were non-existent, the morality was generally low, and there was little evidence of Christianity. There were faithful men and women that began to gather along the banks of Beaver Creek and on November 5, 1798, Mt. Tabor Baptist Church was formally established.Through Mt. Tabor, God sent others from the church to begin new churches throughout Barren County. In fact, seven churches became daughter churches of Mt. Tabor. Ultimately, people began to call Mt. Tabor “The mother of Baptist Churches”.

When I think back at that long history, I am amazed by the faithfulness of the people, the leaders, and pastors that pressed on to preach, to teach, and to encourage and fellowship with other believers. Because of hearing the gospel preached, people were getting saved and baptized, therefore a whole community was changed.

I am here today to encourage the members of Mt. Tabor not only to remember your rich history, but to give thanks to God for allowing this church to remain. Because He has kept the doors open, we should remember that we are ambassadors for Christ, representing our Lord and Saviour. In a world that is dark, His church is a light. May we continue to be faithful and dedicated to Christ who is the Head of Mt. Tabor Baptist Church by committing our time to fulfill our Christian duty of meeting at our appointed times to worship, to teach, to preach, and to fellowship until our Lord returns and gathers us home.

It is a pleasure and honor to serve as your pastor. My family and I are blessed to worship the Almighty King with you. Jesus says in Matthew 5:14, “ Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.” Let’s press forth and let our light shine for all to see.

In His Service,

Bro. Todd

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